MOOD SWINGS is a forever-in-progress collection of ideas from our team, friends, and frenemies.

As a moodboard, playground, and company culture space, MOOD SWINGS is an acknowledgment that our work, personal lives, and what happens outside work affect us, inspire us, and inform what we do.

April 2021


We relaunched our website to celebrate our clients, the joy of having an independent agency, and the privilege of helping people with their ideas. In the process we reflected on our mission, the paradigms we change, and coming to terms with the idea that maybe we need to slow down if we want to stay sane. Anyways, we survived Q1 2021, we grew our team, we have now two fantastic new interns, client prospects look good and we are feeling #BLESSED.

Quote of the month:

"Good morning, everyone! Have you helped a brand today?"

- The interns

Straight from our Slack

  • What the Dance Music Industry Can Learn From Italian Operaismo?
  • New Gods I: Celebrity, Cultural Imperialism, and the Activist Influencer
  • Bitcoin and Buying Things

Out there

  • MUGLER made a kick-ass, Pharcyde-inspired, very diverse runway show
  • One of our clients is ruling in the Metaverse
  • Minneapolis Police are still at it with their terrible treatment of Black citizens
  • Rent caps were removed in Berlin unleashing a wave of thirsty landlords
  • A giant boat stuck in the Suez canal stopping 12% of global trade
  • We lost DMX :(

The Dashboard

Internet findings, ideas from our team, our friends, and other featured fun. 

"What's a Sugar Daddy? - The gender-neutral word is "Glucose Guardian" anyway"

- Greta


Featured side-project

Get Paid in Exposure

We built the first-ever payment processing system that allows you to get paid in Exposure.

Does someone want to pay for your services in Exposure? Here's what you can do: 1) go to, 2) make a payment link, and 3) send it to them.

Exposure handles the rest. 💵.

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