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This edition of MOOD SWINGS is peppered with an accumulation of the tiring allergy-ridden, post-lockdown afterglow, and the usual pre-fall anxiety, with a mix of low-season work shenanigans. Especially after such a busy and exciting spring!

The Northern Hemisphere is thoroughly on holiday, we are all heading somewhere finally after being stuck in our homes for so long, and yet, somehow behind the feverish optimism of this new "Roaring 20s" there is a nagging feeling that tells you no one around us is really doing ok... yet.


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Extensive vaccination in Berlin, slowly easing out of lockdown, some holidays, delivering exciting projects, great times overall about town, and even a bit abroad! We branded a museum event!


JUNE mood swings 2

Sports are still filled with racism. The Olympics, the European Championship finale. This needs to stop.



There is literally a portal of fire in the middle of the ocean burning oil and accelerating our dire situation of climate catastrophe even further? but also renewable energies are now at the lowest cost they have ever been! What sort of future can we extrapolate from all that?


SHMH Das Postkoloniale Museum Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg mimosa agency portfolio cover matte

Say hello to our latest portfolio project: Das Postkoloniale Museum

We worked alongside The Stiftung Historischen Museen Hamburg branding their online event "Das Postkoloniale Museum". Meli, Oren, Greta, Danilo and Hodah worked at break-neck speed on delivering the new identity, advertising collateral, social media assets, website and more. You should definitely check it out.

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mimosa t shirt

"Have you Helped a Brand Today?"

Our beloved interns Julia and Daniel proposed this question when Greta tasked them with making official mimosa  merchandise as a side project. They designed it and the lovely studio Supercrap Print Collective produced them here in Neukölln using organic sustainable cotton.

They are so sustainable that they feel as soft as the kiss of a chinchilla, puppies want to hang out with you when you wear it, it is very durable, and have become a staple among our friends in the neighborhood.

Let us know if you spot it around Berlin <3

mimosa merch mimosa pug
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The team's most beloved finds from the interwebs and our Slack channel.


Vin Diesel Says He Would Do a Fast & Furious Musical: 'I'm Dying to Do' It

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Congratulations to our friends from NEW MODELS on their NM CODEX Y2K20 Release, also known as the most instagrammable artifact of 2021.


Inside Hungry’s Extreme Beauty Routine | Vogue


Inside "Three Rooms" By House of Van Schneider & Jesperish

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As a moodboard, playground, and company culture space, MOOD SWINGS is an acknowledgment that our work, personal lives, and what happens outside work affect us, inspire us, and inform what we do.

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