Sharpening the bleeding edge with ICA Inversiones.

Founded in 1990, ICA Inversiones is a civil engineering and construction technology company based in Honduras. They represent highly specialized construction technology brands and are the regional pioneers in the geotechnics (soil stabilization systems) sector for all of Central America.

They design, implement and sell soil solutions in erosion control, slope retention, and residential protection. Their notoriety had attracted competitors and they required to communicate the competitive advantage of working with them in the sector. We made that happen for them.

The Brief

As part of their reassertion campaign, they had a clear goal: communicate their experience, solutions menu, and re-establish their visibility as the market leaders in their field. To make this happen, They required an identity redesign, website audit, SEO, social media content strategy and multi-media production to be distributed in digital channels. As well as newly produced collateral that explained in detail their capabilities, solutions, and expertise.

The Outcome

Firstly, we implemented a full rebrand, design system, content strategy, and created a completely new digital library of case studies, branded media, and digital suite.

 We now consult their management team on an ongoing basis via a series of branding and industry analysis workshops on branding and industry analysis, which helped them to define their target audience. We conduct a regular content audit, review and update their existing marketing collateral. a which has seen an acceleration of their sales process and increased conversions, employer marketing footprint, and Google ranks for the most relevant keywords.

A New, Smarter Brand...

ICA Inversiones logo mimosa agency

We developed a two-color brand update inspired on materials, referencing the jet-black appearance of the high-density polyethylene geo-grids, asphalt, and concrete they use in their construction solutions.

image asset
color palette

For the typography, we went for sleek and friendly, smart, yet informative.

Rubik fulfilled that role like a charm.


A Brand as a Platform to Share Extensive Experience

Together with their core-team, we created a digital strategy that combines a brochure-like product and system description catalog with a cornerstone content hub including long-form case studies, technical notes, and other educational material that promotes the technology. The experience provides a unique fresh perspective within the regional ecosystem.

image asset 1
icainversiones screendesign

Showcasing the Strongest Portfolio in the Region

In complement to their catalog of products and systems, we accessed their company archive and, in cooperation with their core team, highlighted some of their most iconic projects of their 30-year trajectory.

ICA Inversiones mimosa agency 29
ICA Inversiones mimosa agency 5
ICA Inversiones mimosa agency 25
ICA Inversiones mimosa agency 14
ICA Inversiones mimosa agency 24
iPhoneXRBlack ICA

Presented in multimedia

The premium digital experience of the new brand was enhanced by a content marketing strategy that focused on showcasing flagship projects as evergreen content.

Alongside the website case studies, we developed videos re-formatted to be viewed on their website or sent natively on messaging apps like WhatsApp to show the ease of installation of their system, enhance sales enablement, and work in the local direct-marketing approach of the industry in the Honduran market. 



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