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Okomo is a Swiss company that offers a SaaS-based communication for digital sales and customer service experience. It's main brand promise is that working with it allows teams and individual have branded interactions just as good as meeting in person.

We presented them with a brand update and website re-design proposal to enunciate their features, capabilities, and potential to prospective users.

An updated brand proposal

We started the process with a branding workshop to discover all the brand and website design requirements.

After reviewing competitors, benchmarks and personal inspirations, we established a new process to deliver a brand update that would work as the first step towards a design system for their product, and parallelly, we worked on a new marketing website.

Okomo Logo proposal black
okomo logo update proposal
okomo logo proposal with margins
okomo typography
okomo Color applications
okomo proposal Colors

A product that inspires

Okomo can be activated from a button or direct link, prompting users to select the staff members available to book a call, send an email, or direct message via a proprietary chat. It also works as a personal electronic business card that can be embedded virtually anywhere and works with all browsers.

Implementing it allows brands to put humans in direct reach to their consumers and it is particularly effective with high-involvement purchase processes like those ones for cars, furniture and more.

okomo card team

Brand promise at the forefront

The maxim: "People don't buy from companies. People buy from people." was our north star for design and copywriting. The product seemed "simple", but its apparent simplicity was the result of a well-crafted design by the founders to make something so small-looking work so well.

Okomo mimosa prototype 11
Okomo mimosa prototype 10

Simple and extremely powerful

In a parallel design sprint, we applied our inspiration in presenting interesting examples of user journey. The main challenge was to simultaneously "unbox" the simple and innocent tool to showcase its powerful features, and make them visible in a way for customers to see themselves using them with their own clients.

Okomo mimosa prototype 1

Putting users in the shoes of their final customers

Using flagship case studies that revealed on scroll, we populated the index page with multiple testimonials and real-life applications. Each of these testimonials were both a mini case study and use-case example that would resonate with their diverse potential clients: from B2B, to government and NGOs, to solopreneurs and more.

Okomo mimosa prototype 2
Okomo mimosa prototype 9

The site as an "Unboxing Experience"

The website design unfolded each of its features in an elegant scroll-activated animated process.

Okomo mimosa prototype 6



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