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Camille Darroux

Camille is a Politics & Communications graduate. Her primary focus lies on social media & content marketing, but her experience in SEO means she is able to find the most effective angle and format when telling a story online. She specialises in lifestyle topics, having worked for a number of major international luxury brands from the wine & spirits, cosmetic, tech, and fashion industries. 

Fluent in English, French and German, her international approach allows her to craft comprehensive digital strategies for the brands she collaborates with. She knows everything about nightlife and is an enthusiastic DJ.


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Danilo owns an MBA with focus on International Business and holds extensive experience in operations and business development. His core skills are process optimisation, web design, and marketing. His business administration background means he always keeps an eye on ROI, all while being able to come up with creative solutions. 

As an operations professional, he enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly and provides consulting services in that field. He is a native Spanish and English speaker with a strong knowledge of Spanish-speaking markets. He is also a seasoned photographer specialising in portrait and event photography.


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