Poised to shift paradigms, mimosa is a full-service independent branding, design, marketing, advertising, and innovation company.

Hire our marketing services to sharpen your competitive edge with a global perspective, local insights, diasporic experience, and cultural intelligence.

What we do

We work as a full-service branding consultancy and production laboratory developing brands, media, and technology for brands to use for interacting with their audiences. Our agency combines research, design, and advertising operations into one studio to create innovative marketing infrastructure, processes, and methodologies.


We research, plan, and develop branding, social and communications strategies for leading names and emerging contenders.


We budget, build teams, deploy strategies and produce media to achieve specified results. After the work is done, we can stay on as your interim media production unit, or as consultants.


We consult with our partners to scale their efforts, improve their processes, or execute work as their integrated marketing and innovation department. Think of us as virtual CMOs and on-call project managers.


As our partners and their operations grow, we assist their plans for the next steps, by scoping, vetting, and sourcing exceptional talent to take over the project and continue their journeys on their own.



Brand identity
Brand strategy
Inbound marketing
Editorial and Advertising


Marketing operations
Digital infrastructure
Campaign management
Content production



Graphic & UX/UI design
Art direction
Web design


Performance marketing
User acquisition
Conversion optimization
Market research


Emerging Tech

Sustainable Energy
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality, AR and XR
Blockchain and Crypto


Cultural institutions
Art Galleries


Food & Beverage


Automotive and OEMs
Healthcare Technology
Construction Technology
Software as a Service (Saas)

Client Archive


[Redacted] provides Blockchain technology and standards for its mainstream adoption. We assisted them with consulting, creative production, and digital marketing services.

Animal Ventures

Animal Ventures is a global education, venture capital, and venture-building studio focused on emerging technology like Web3, Industrial Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. We provide them with creative consulting, branded media, and project management services.


Hyundai is a global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) based in Seoul. Since 2018 we have provided them with branded media and creative consulting services for their Hyundai Original Accessories division.


GHX is a healthcare-focused cloud technology company. We helped their European branch produce and share knowledge about intelligent supply chains as well as logistical responses to COVID-19, while promoting automation-powered efficiency.


DADDY is a magazine and consultancy focused on diversity LGBT+ and BIPOC content based in Berlin. Since 2017 we assist them with their digital suite and digital content pipeline.


We provide research, digital audits, content production, and consulting projects for a global hearing aids company.


Base58 is a technology-driven investment firm specializing in crypto assets. During 2020 we consulted for them on sales enablement and produced a majestic magazine in two languages reaching out to potential new partners.

Warburg Serres

Warburg Serres is the venture capital sister company of Animal Ventures. They create funds centered around emerging tech. We assist them with event support, collateral, and compiled updates to materials for engaging their core audience.

Jean Paul Gaultier

As part of a network of agencies, we supported the iconic Jean Paul Gaultier fashion brand's social media team to engage live with their 1 million+ audience as well as moderate live events during their runway shows, in two languages.

Paco Rabanne

As part of a network of agencies, we supported Paco Rabbane’s in-house social media team with engaging their 1.2 million+ audience, plus moderated live events during runway shows, and all in two languages.


Grover is an innovative German company focused on consumer tech rentals for the circular economy. In 2018 we produced landing pages as well as collateral for their social media, newsletters, and more.


Rakuten is a Japanese company dedicated to live streaming, consumer reward programs, and diversified sales. Across 2018 and 2020 we produced landing pages, UI screen designs, and collateral for their social media, newsletters, and more.


Bread&Butter was an iconic trade and creativity show focused on youth, trends, and emerging talent. In 2018 we produced media assets for their live events in partnership with INDIE magazine.


Zalando is the largest fashion e-commerce platform in Europe. Between 2016 and 2018 we produced content for their Z-labels venture studio and some of their brands like Mint & Berry.


GIZ is the international cooperative agency of the German government. In 2020 we assisted them with UI and web audits, as well as providing consulting on requirements for new websites planned for production in 2021.


DENA is Germany’s center of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and intelligent energy systems. We assisted their team in 2019 with consultations on community management processes and event management.


IDAGIO is a classical-music streaming service based in Berlin. We provided regular performance marketing consulting for different markets, and ran experimental projects in 2019 to boost engagement with their worldwide community of aficionado listeners.

Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital is an industrial textile printer company with offices in Europe, Israel, the US, and Asia. They engaged us in 2019 for consulting on performance marketing and ran experimental ad-based projects.

Berlin Masters Foundation

The Berlin Masters Foundation offers a promotional platform for artists under the age of 33 who live and work in Berlin. Our consultation for them in 2020 focused on digital infrastructure and digital archival processes.

Arndt Art Gallery - A3

A3 is a global art gallery with multiple locations around the globe. In 2021 we advised them on digital infrastructure and archiving for their international network of talent, events, galleries, and other spaces in the context of a new website migration.

ICA Inversiones

ICA Inversiones is a civil engineering and construction tech and contracting studio based in Honduras. We assist them with everything related to branding, SEO, web & interactive design, and branded media since 2016.

SGH - Geotecnia Honduras

SGH is a specialized geotechnics research and analysis firm based in Honduras. We have assisted them since 2016 with everything related to branding, web and interactive design, SEO, as well as branded media production.


tonbüro is a leading post-processing firm focused on audio services for film productions. We have supported them with branding, brand implementation, and web consulting since 2018.


MuroExe is a sustainable accessories brand. In 2017 we provided them with influencer scouting services and market research.


YouBag is a sustainable Munich-based custom accessories brand. We assisted them with performance marketing and social media services in 2018 to support their growing e-commerce operations.


FabRap is a sustainable cloth-based gift wrapping company. In 2018 we designed their brand and built their e-commerce suite, as well as provided them consultation on marketing and operations.


Bellerose is a Belgium-based lifestyle clothing brand. Between 2016 and 2018 we provided them with content production services in Spanish, English, French, and German.

Veuve Clicquot

An iconic French champagne maker, Veuve Clicquot hired our services in 2017. We provided content consulting and influencer scouting services for the German-speaking market.

Harvest Label

The Japanese accessories brand Harvest Label hired our brand implementation services in 2017. We provided them with digital consulting, built their first e-commerce suite, and implemented their digital lookbook.


Shoot’N’Post is a cinema post-processing firm. We support them with branding and, since 2018, with creative consulting, brand implementation, copywriting, and web presence expansions.


During 2018 we provided the Amazon-owned audiobook brand with multiple content audits, migration, and copywriting services.

Our story

Founded in Berlin in 2015, mimosa is managed by two partners, with a core team of 10 people and a 300+ strong global talent network distributed across 90 locations around the globe. We model our services around bespoke team compositions for each project, to provide flexible deployments of creativity, talent, and technology anywhere on the planet, whether for Fortune 500 companies, emerging brands, or new startups alike.



Strategy & Art Direction

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Creative Resources & Operations

We are always open to new projects and ideas


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mimosa is a full-service integrated marketing agency, design agency, branding agency, brand consultancy, advertising agency, and creative agency based in Berlin with a studio active since 2015. We specialize in brand building, growth, and consulting for clients all around the world. 

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