We believe good marketing requires authentic relationships between people and brands.

We consider ourselves digital matchmakers. We want to connect brands with the people they want to reach, authentically.

We bridge the gap between classic marketing with the newest, and most effective technology to bring people to the products they are actively searching for. No gimmicks, no tricks.

The best marketing is not forced, it’s subtle, nuanced, and is fun to interact with. We might sound like purists, but we believe marketing is the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Anything else annoys the audience and becomes counter-productive.

We want to bring your brand to your desired audience, the people actively looking for them, and continue to engage your existing audience. We combine our cultural knowledge with factual, data-driven research to craft custom campaigns with results you can see.  

Our approach involves supporting you in every step of your marketing cycle.

We offer our services around 4 dimensions

marketing cycle.png

1 - Be known as you want to be known

How the brand perceives itself, or wants to be thought of by its relevant audience via branding and web design.

2 - Bring attention over

How visible or present is the brand to its relevant audience. We serve this aspect via inbound marketing efforts 

3 - Optimize your efforts

How is the relationship between the brand and its relevant audience. We serve this aspect via our performance marketing services.

4 - Find new oportunities

Once a brand has a clear view of itself, its audience, their relationship and the environment where it works, it is possible to seek new opportunities, new markets, and ways to make more people happy for a profit.



At the end of the day, we want to be your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

We believe that competitive advantage requires a conscious effort to align all your business goals around making people happy, less anxious, feel safer, and overall relieved of the everyday grudges. To provide good marketing implies seeking to do good for the world and those around you, and profits follow right after.


Disrupting traditional agency marketing via tailor-made pricing.

It doesn’t matter how large or small our clients are, they come to us with similar demands: they want efficient, cost-effective marketing processes and a great agency relationship. This is the space where we thrive. We provide you the resources, expertise and marketing on-demand that is both tailored and scaled directly to your budget and requirements. Think of us as your in-house or remote marketing department. You decide!

Marketing isn’t as complex as some agencies make it out to be. We firmly believe the spec process can be avoided, once you know what you want and our experienced team can offer you a transparent pricing solution that fits. We’re open about sharing our expertise and tools so together we can create an efficient and effective marketing process, that benefits us both. We’ll make sure everyone on the project is fairly compensated and we hire from our network of trusted creatives, compensate them fairly and together, we will deliver quality work for you.

Meet the team


Danilo Sierra, MBA

Danilo holds an MBA with focus on International Business and has extensive experience in operations and business development. His core skills are process optimisation, web design, and marketing. His business administration background means he always keeps an eye on ROI and CPA, all while being able to come up with creative solutions.

As an operations professional, he enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly and creates operations strategy to keep his clients on-track even after mimosa’s work is done. He is a native Spanish and English speaker with a strong knowledge of Spanish-speaking markets.


Camille Darroux

Camille is a Politics & Communications graduate. Her primary focus lies on social media & content marketing, but her experience in SEO means she is able to find the most effective angle and format when telling a story online. She specialises in lifestyle topics, having worked for a number of major international luxury brands from the wine & spirits, cosmetic, tech, and fashion industries.

Fluent in English, French and German, her international approach allows her to craft comprehensive digital strategies for the brands she collaborates with. She knows everything about nightlife, is a decoration Instagram influencer, and an enthusiastic DJ.


Fiona Laughton

Fiona Laughton is a Berlin-based Australian writer and editor who specializes in content creation, copywriting, inbound marketing, and social media for multiple industries.

An experienced marketer, Fiona writes and edits English-language content for UX, product landing pages, blogs, email newsletters, white papers, and case studies as well as microcopy across social media platforms. Her content specialties include tech, lifestyle, travel and the arts.

Fiona is an avid reader, pop culture tragic, and is here for whatever Rihanna is tweeting about.


Emilie Chabridon

Passionate about print design and typography, Emilie is a multidisciplinary designer. She provides graphic, editorial design, and illustrations to companies and people at scale.

Some of her most notable skills include turning incredibly complex design projects at speed, (like designing a complete 120 pages magazine within a week) and making sure every brand kit she designs is expandable and consistent to the last pixel, dot per inch and touchpoint.


Leonor Tanquerel

Leonor is a Swiss-born and raised graphic designer, passionate about typography, illustration, and art direction. She spends her time between Geneva and Berlin.

She boasts more than seven years of experience in publishing, branding, corporate and editorial design, tight typographic skills and has a passion for beautiful and efficient signage and museography.

As Swiss designers tend to, she takes pride in the precision and detail of her work and focuses on creating design that doesn’t overshadow the content. Did we mention she can play the saxophone like a pro?


Onur Özkan

Onur holds degrees in economics, religion and culture from University of Cologne and Humboldt-University Berlin. This combination provides him with skills that cover the most important aspects of digital marketing. Onur's work is both data-driven and strategic and creative and innovative. He has worked with clients including IMG, Rocket Internet, Hering Schuppener and more.

Onur speaks fluent English, German, French and Turkish. He specializes in strategy creation, performance marketing, media planning / buying, and data analytics.